Hotel Key Cards, Key Tags and Access Cards

Plastic Key Cards and Access Cards are compatible with your existing locks and entry systems. Our cards can be encoded on your premises by all widely used security systems. This allows you to reduce costs while maintaining the highest level of security.

Key cards allow you to focus your marketing dollars by putting targeted advertising messages into the hands of travelers across the country. The average hotel guest uses their key card 6 times per day. These are called “impressions”. Consider 1 hotel has 100 rooms at 70% occupancy x 365 days = 25,550 occupied rooms per year/per hotel x 6 impressions per guest = 153,300 impressions per year/per hotel.

Our custom key cards with stunning graphics are surprising affordable. Call us at 800-318-3500 and we'll be happy to help you design your successful key card program.

Plastic Hotel Key Cards, Key Tags and Access Cards options:

  • Complete design services available or provide your own ready art.
  • Card thickness ranges from .020" to .030".
  • Up to six colors can be specified for both sides including security printing.
  • Metallic inks, foil imprints, holograms, and security signature panels are options.
  • Magnetic stripe encoding.

See Key Cards for more information.

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