America was settled as a Christian land and the United States of America was later founded as a Christian nation with liberty and justice for all.

I believe that it is time for the people of the United States of America and American businesses, to come together in prayer for our country. It is time for the People of Faith to bombard the heavens with prayer. Now is the time - before our country comes apart - to take hold of the hem of the Father's garment and not let go until He answers our prayer.

Our greatness as a nation was founded on Christian ideals and beliefs. These are still our Core Values. We fought a civil war over states rights, unfair taxes, corruption in Congress, to which the racial issue of slavery was later added to unite the North against the South. In the 19th and in the 20th Century our laws were twisted in the Courts and our founding beliefs of liberty and justice subverted.

The "too big to fail banks" are dishonest. This has been proven time and time again in the courts. It is time for all Americans to start speaking LIFE into America. It is time to take a firm stand against the enemies of Jesus Christ. They are the enemies of all liberty and freedom. If we ask for Almighty Gods's help in restoring America to the greatness given us by Him and will bend our knee in one accord, He will hear our prayer and the United States of America will be restored as the Greatest nation on earth.

God grants liberty
only to those
who love it
and are always
ready to guard
and defend it.
Daniel Webster

Proverbs 18:21. "Life and death are in the power of the tongue. They who love life - speak life - and shall eat the fruit thereof. Our enemies speak lies and half truth as if those words were true. Mainstream media does not know the meaning of truth, therefore they feed the American people a dose of half truths and daily lies, knowing that when you present a lie often enough people start to question the truth.

Let me put it another way... The media CONTROLLERS and the enemies of liberty and freedom understand the basic principle of speaking life or death. Plainly said, if the mainstream media can keep you speaking their dribble they can control your THOUGHTS AND YOUR WORLD. This is the primary reason politicians are considering laws that limit your right to free speech on the Internet and in public. YES THEY ARE saying STUPID THINGS like, "the REPORTERS ON private Internet news web sites are not true reporters because they do not draw a salary". Politicians are trying to regulate your access to honest unbiased Independent news coverage. This is AGAINST your right to hear a dissenting opinion. In essence they are attacking our right to free speech in an effort to protect the controlled speech of the TELEPROMPTER readers - also known as the Corporate NEWS Media.

This is my prayer for the United States of America and her people. Read it. Then speak it out loud, or rewrite it and speak your own version out loud. Our heavenly Father will understand your heart... Let us take hold of the hem of His garment and never let go. America belongs to those who would / will take it by force.


My Prayer for America, January 2018...

"Father in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Saviour, I repent for not taking a stronger stand for You and my country sooner. Father cleanse my mind of all distractive thoughts. Holy Spirit minister life to my mind and teach me to speak life into every conversation."

"Father your word tells us - What we bind in Heaven is likewise bound on earth. And what we loose on earth is likewise loosed in the heavens. Binding and loosing is done through the words that we speak. Father, I bind the enemies of Jesus Christ and the enemies all Americans from using OUR laws and regulations in the United States of America TO SPEAK death to America and its people. I speak death to their evil thoughts, words and deeds. Their evil thoughts words and deeds will fall by the wayside and be trampled to death. I loose the God given desire for life and liberty into all Americans. I loose a desire for privacy into all Americans.

I loose a desire for freedom into all Americans spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially.

I loose the desire for all Americans to speak life into their spouses, into their children and families, into their homes, their finances, their neighbors, their towns, their cities, their counties, and into our nation.

I loose a desire for liberty and a desire for happiness into America and its people.

Father unite all our praying families in one accord. I loose into every family a desire to be healed spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially.

Father, let all Americans see those who are working to destroy our Country. I loose confusion into the thoughts and studdering into the speech of the enemies of Jesus Christ and the people of the United States of America.

Father in Proverbs You tell us life and death are in the power of the tongue.
I loose into every Christian American a desire to speak "life" into our freedom; a desire to speak life into their lives, a desire to speak liberty (the right to chose) into their lives, a desire for true happiness; spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially.

Father, I loose a desire into all Americans to see their State voter roles purged of dead voters who passed away years ago and the desire to see every person required to show proper identification and proof of local residence.

I declare on the earth and in the heavens there is none other by which one can be saved than Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, Your love for Your creation never fails. It is unending. Your word says YOU CHANGE NOT". Jesus told us we could ask You anything in His name and You would do it for us. Now I (we) come to You in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and humbly ask that You help and guide my - our - your - country, The United States of America, in its return to its Christian Roots because our Constitution is suitable for none other. Our roots include OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS to life, liberty (the right to choose) and the pursuit of happiness. The enemies of Jesus Christ here in the United States, and abroad, are trying to steal our life, our liberty and our happiness. The sons and daughters of Satan have seized reigns of power. They want a one world government and a one world religion. Father, I ask in the name of Jesus that the demonic thoughts of a one world government and a one world religion bear no more fruit on the earth or in the heavens forever.

The sons of Satan try to regulate every facet of our lives, our liberty, our prosperity, and our happiness using corrupt Senators and Congressional Representatives who agreed to the backbreaking health taxation called Obama Care. Father we ask that Obama Care bear no more fruit in our nation forever.

Father you know the thoughts of all men and women. I ask in Jesus mighty name that people with unclean or perverted minds never bear enough fruit to be elected or appointed to any federal or state office or local office.

Father, during the illigimate presidency of BHO hundreds of fine military officers, in all branches of our Military, were discharged or forced into retirement because they disagreed with Obama on issues like accepting perverted men and women into our armed services, or for refusing to agree to help disarm Americans if so ordered. Father, I ask that these men and women be restored and blessed in every facet of life in Jesus name.

Father, we call our enemy socialists, social Communists, Bolsheviks, liberals, regulators, or Traitors. They are the ism's of the world. They are the powers that be who hide in darkness; the Bankers, the News and TV Media, the educators, and Hollywood porn brain washers. They are the servants of Satan. It is my prayer that these people bear no more fruit against the American people or any human being forever.

Father, I ask in Jesus mighty name that You judge and dry up all the companies who manufacture chemical poisons that are used against the all people of Your creation:
  • Big Pharma's Fake Medicines;
  • the GMO Chemical Companies that poison Your people, our crops, and all animals;
  • the Chem Trail Companies using Airplanes who spray our skies turning them from Your beautiful living blue to dull poison gray;
  • and finally I ask that You immediately judge the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) whose employees approved the poisoning of Your Creation. Let them bear no more fruit against Your Creation forever.

Father, Jesus spoke to the fig tree and cursed it when He said "you will bear no more fruit forever". Then the next day when traveling past the fig tree one of His disciples remarked, "Master the tree You cursed died from the root up". Jesus replied, "why do you marvel at this, (u)greater things than this shall you do". Let's do the greater things in Jesus mighty name. We start by speaking life to our families, friends and those we associate with.

Father, from the moment in time where you said; let US make man in Our image and likeness we became Your people. I humbly ask that You teach us to do the greater things by learning to speak life into all situations. I also ask in Jesus name that You teach us to bind the enemy so they cannot bear any more fruit against Your creation forever. Amen...

Add your own terms to describe the enemies of Jesus Christ and America as you see them. I CALL our enemies socialists, social communists, COMMUNISTS, liberals, regulators, Traitors, the Bankers, the Powers That Be, the TV News Media and the Hollywood pedophile brain washers. They are the servants of Satan.

Add your own terms to describe the enemies of Jesus Christ and America as you see them.







as many as you can think of.

BTW: California's govenor and elected representatives seek to legalize sex with minors... That will lead to legalied pedofilia and acceptance of more ism's beeing accepted in ouir nations Churches.

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