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Limited Edition Prints

The limited edition art prints require special attention in the area of quality color separations, inks, paper, and plates.

Color separations for limited edition fine art prints and fine art reproductions often require color correction to adjust the color for the type of paper to be used. It is our recommendation that the film preparation be handled by a color lab who specializes in fine art color separations.

Fine art reproduction paper is acid free and is referred to as museum quality paper that will not yellow for two hundred years. It is an acid free sheet. Fine art print paper is available as a coated or a uncoated paper. Generally speaking the the coated paper shows the colors better because the ink dries on the surface coating. The uncoated sheet dries through absorption.

Once the printing is finished the plates and are normally destroyed to help protect the guarantee of a limited edition. The color separation film is returned to the artist for the same reason. will be featuring fine art prints from printer clients in our new art gallery. If you would like to submit a sample of your work I would be pleased to display it here. Submit by email attachment. One image should be roughly 5x7 and the other 9x12. Send .gif or .jpg image file to and up to 500 words describing the subject matter of the print, the artist, the printer, the inks, plates paper, the type of press it was printed on, and how the prints can be purchased. The print will remain in our gallery until sold out.

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