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Hard Cover Book Printing

Book Printing

It's about publishing and selling your book

The kind of hard cover book and jacket (sleeve) you have designed and printed depends on the intended use of the book, and the market you want to reach. Your design and printing budget will play a large part in the final product.

Hard cover books come in a variety of sizes, bindings and cover stocks. The following information will help prepare you to submit a quote using our web form.

The physical page size is determined by content and the standards of the market or audience you are trying to reach. Common sizes range from 4 1/2 x 6 7/8 inches to 9 x 12 inches. Common sizes are generally less expensive to produce because more pages will fit on the parent press sheet. Specialty sizes can are practically unlimited and generally cost a little more to print.

The hard covers come in several thickness and there are several kinds of binding as well. Unless you have a specific type of binding in mind the printer will look at your quote request and suggest the binding most suitable for your book.

Sleeves or book jackets serve two purposes, advertising and protection for the cover. The sleeves for most commercial books are printed in living color (CMYK), plus one or more foils, some stamping and a liquid plastic coating. The coating enhances the color and protects the sleeve and the book while on the bookshelf before and after the sale.

We would welcome an article or two about book design that focuses on type styles and layout. At the same time we would welcome articles on and samples of successful sleeves. Full credit will be given to the author and or the designer. If you would like to submit a sample of your work I would be pleased to display it here. Space is limited to nine samples per month. Send a low resolution full size .gif images to Please limit your submission to the sleeve, front cover and four text pages. Make your subject line Hard Cover Sample. Then in 250 words or less tell about the paper, the design, intended use, and your company.

In the meantime feel free to submit a request for a Hard Cover book quote using the form below or cruise around the web site via our Table Of Contents entry point below.

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