Our Mission Statement, Goals and Comments

At PrintUSA.com we are rebuilding our industry specific web site to change our way the public to meet printers, graphic designers and printing industry suppliers.

"Our only mission is to become the world class Internet print resource."

Our primary 2013 goals are: We are by nature a very independent craft. By this I mean our pride and competitive nature have kept us from uniting in business. Yes, we have the NAPL, the PIA and other trade organizations, but no one has focused on marketing our entire industry to the world. Now thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web there is an economical way to reach the growing Internet business community.

Since December 3rd, 1995, 17,000,011+ pages have been read on PrintUSA.com. Quote inquiries came from clubs, schools, colleges, universities, small businesses, designers, advertising agencies, magazine publishers, self publishers, and major corporations like, Chrysler Corp., Apple Computer, US Government, Canada, England, France, Germany, Russian States, South Africa and South America. 90% of all quotes requests come from the United States and US Territories.

PrintUSA is not an Association. Every client with a home page at PrintUSA is independent of the other. Each client is responsible for responding to all Email inquiries sent to them.

I am a semi retired printer. I raised four children working in the trade and we lived a good life. Now we have 17 grand children, 7 great grandchildren. PrintUSA.com is my retirement. My son will take over in the next few years, and it is his programming that will modernize the look and feel PrintUSA.com. I am only 72 and fully expect a number of good years to work on this exciting project and others like loghomes.com.

Your suggestions and comments are always welcomed.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your time.

Martin Lee Turnbull,

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Update: Wednesday, May 08, 2013
We now have 17 grand children and 7 great grandchildren.
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