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Instruction Manual Printing

Training Manual Printing

Training manuals are one of your best sales tools.

The kind of software manual or technical manual you have designed and printed depends on the impression you want to create, the intended use of the manual. Your design and printing budget will play a large part in the final product.

Software manuals come in a variety of sizes. While most most are saddle stitched, some are perfect bound like a pocket novel and others are bound with plastic combs or spiral wire. Don' forget, a manual without a order form or survey card or response card is like eating biscuits without jam.

In the coming weeks will be featuring samples from our design and printer clients. If you would like to submit a sample of your work I would be pleased to display it here. Space is limited to nine samples per month. Send a low resolution full size .gif images to Please limit your submission to the front cover and four pages. Make your subject line Manuals. Then in 100 words tell about the paper, the design, intended use, and your company.

In the meantime feel free to submit a request for a manual quote using the form below or cruise around the web site via our Table Of Contents entry point below.

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