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Welcome to the Event Banner Production Estimate web form. This Banner production estimate service is free and very easy to use. The Printers associated with banner production will print for immediate shipment the following kinds of banners; Real Estate Banners, School Banners, Training Banners, Seminar Banners, Indoor Banner Printing, Outside Banner Printing, Party Banners, Political Banners, Birthday Banners, Anniversary Banners, Parade Banners, Banner Graphics, Free Banner quotes, Rodeo Banners, Event Banners, Overnight Banners ara available , Automotive Race Banners, Boat Race Banners, Hunting Banners, Golf banners, Tournament Banners, Poker Banners Casino Banners, Dance banners, Emergency Banners, Disaster Banners, Crime Scene Banners, Construction Company Banners and many more. Banner design is also available.

Fill in the blanks below and press submit to receive a free banner production estimate from several printers. On submission this form is sent to the printers who subscribe to this service. The firms who can best meet your needs will contact you shortly.

If you have prepared banner printing specifications you can copy your spec sheet into our comments area at the bottom of the form.

The banner form has five required contact information fields. They are Name, Email, WPhone, State and Quantity. The information you provide is distributed to the printers who subscribe to this information service. We do not, we will not sell contact information under any circumstances. was established by a retired printer to help American Businesses find reliable reasonably priced American Banner Printers. We have been under the same management for 22 years. We are not print brokers. You select the printer of your choice and deal directly with them.

Enjoy the service... Use as often as needed for competitive quotes on all printed products.


Martin, Jan and Seth

General Information:

The form requires your Name, Email address, Work Phone, Quantity, and Delivery Date because
the printers who subscribe to this service will reply by email and or phone or fax need this information
to schedule a timely reply.

- Your Name is a required field.

- Company or Organization
- Street Address
- City
- State is a required field.
- Zip Code
- Country Code
- Work Phone is a required field.
- Home Phone if applicable
- Fax Number
- Email Address is a required field.

Quantity: Enter the number of banners needed here. This is a required field.

What type of quote is this? Select one.
A spec estimate means we are thinking about having a banner or banners made. This is a Spec Estimate?
A production estimate is an estimate for a banner print order that will be produced in the near future. This is a Production Estimate?

What is the required delivery date dd/mm/yy?

Are your electronic files ready now? Select one. Ready now Not ready

What is your Operating system? Select one.   MAC PC Linux FreeBSD

Do you need assistance in preparing your files? Select one.   Yes   NO

What software programs did you use to develop the banner? Photo Shop, Illustrator, Quark Express, Freehand, Other. Describe in the box below. Please do not send PDF files.
PDF files tend to come apart when subjected to production software.

Standard banner sizes: Select the size of banners you require. If you require
a different size use the custom size box below.
18" h x 36" w
18" h x 48" w
18" h x 60" w
24" h x 36" w
24" h x 48" w
24" h x 60" w
36" h x 36" w
36" h x 48" w
36" h x 60" w
48" h x 60" w
48" h x 72" w
48" h x 96" w
Custom Banner Size: The custom size of the banner is;
(Printer will contact you regarding non-standard sizes.)

Where will you Display your banner? Select one.
Displayed inside only. Outside only. Inside and outside

Indoor Banner Color Specifications:
Indoor ink color selection instructions: Select the color combination that best suits your banner. CMYK means full color Photo Quality. Our color combinations are;
1 color black ink
black and 1 PMS color
1 PMS color
2 PMS colors
Black and 2 PMS colors
Full living color (CMYK)
Full living color and 1 PMS color
Full living color and 2 PMS colors
We are not sure have the printer call us.

Inks: Outdoor inks are UV (sun light) resistant. The Image on vinyl will last about 1 year in all types of weather. Outside inks are not as brilliant as inside inks, but resist fading longer. Do you wish to use our UV inks? Yes No

Do you want the printer to contact you regarding ink and material selection.
Yes No

Images/Scans: All scans should be cleaned, and in CMYK .tif or .eps format. Size and number of scans will affect banner's price.

Describe the banner Background: Select one or describe.
White background means no ink is applied to the background.
The background will be white?    The background will be colored.

Bleeds: The term Bleeds means the banner prints off the edge. Will the banner bleed? Yes No

Ropes: Do you want ropes to tie up you banner? Yes No

Pole Pockets: Do you want pole pockets? Yes No

Proofs: Will a proof be required? Yes No
If required, proof must be signed and in printer's hands prior to start of production. Select the type of proof required.
Send PDF file proof on CD
Send full color match proofs on same media as full size banner.

Production lead time:
Production lead times: 72 hours from approval of proof - standard.
48 hours from approval of proof - 25% additional charge.
24 hours from approval of proof - 50% additional charge.

Grommets: Grommets are included on banner estimates unless you do not want grommets on your banner. Do you want the gromets installed on this banner?
Yes No

Wind relief: Large, outdoor banners, particularly those that will be displayed over streets, will have half-moon wind relief slots cut into its base material. These almost invisible bendable radii prevent high wind loads from tearing the reinforced corner connecting grommets and ruining the banner. These slots do not affect the banner's image as seen by viewers, and greatly extend its useful life. Do you want wind relief slits in your banner? Yes No

Hems or Seams: Hems or Seams add strength to your banners. Do you want hems or seams? Yes we want hems or seams
No seams or hems wanted

Shipping: Select your choice of shipping. Select one.
USPS Priority Mail is standard and included in price of banner.
UPS ground cost are determined by weight.
UPS or FedEx next day air.

If we have questions, what is the best time to contact you?

Enter the security text you see in the image box to unlock the form. Upper and lower case letters are used.
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Submission takes about 30 seconds then you will see the thank you page.

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