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Welcome to the Book Printing Manufacturing Estimating and Quote service of has been on the Internet since 1993 sending your book printing requests to our subscribing printers. The American printers associated with will compete price wise to print all kinds of books including Appointment Books, Art Books, Autobiographies, Bibles, Biography, Book of Poems, Children's Books, Commerative Books, Cook Books, Dictionary, Gardening Books, Graphic Novels, History Books, Hymn Books, Inspirational Books, Instructional Books, Large Format Books, Law Books, Music Books, Note Books, Novels, Photo Journals, Regional Guide Books, Sketch Books, Software Manuals, Song Books, Text Books, Travel Book, and other kinds of books.

Book Printing Planning

The book printers associated with will help you plan your book printing from design to delivery.

The Printers associated with will compete with each other for your book printing business with price, delivery and other services. Each Quote Request receives 2-10 bids. was established in 1992 by a retired printer to help print buyers just like you find reliable reasonably priced American Printers. We have been under the same management for 16 years and have grown from a single shared web server to many web servers running load balanced pairs. We are not print brokers. Each year people just like yourself submit more than 5,600 printing quote requests which we automatically forward to the printers who subscribe to We are a printing information provider of excellent report.

Enjoy the service... Use as often as needed for competitive quotes on all printed products.


Martin, Jan and Seth

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Book planning: What you tell us here about the use of the book and life expectancy of the book will help us recommend the best paper and binding for your book order. Feel free to ask questions about printing your books here as well.

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The printer is to recommend the text ink.

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Printer to recommend the best paper for our book

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Cover Type:
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Describe the cover printing: Select one.
The cover & spine will Foil Stamp in black.
The cover & spine will Foil Stamp in two colors.
The cover & spine will Silk Screen in black ink.
The cover & spine will Silk Screen in two colors.
1 color book cover and spine
2 colors book cover and spine
Living color CMYK with coating cover and spine print
Living color CMYK plus embossing with coating cover and spine print
Living color CMYK plus one foil stamp color with coating cover and spine print
Living color CMYK plus one foil color embossed with coating cover and spine print
The printer is to recommend cover treatment.

Binding your book:
Select one style of binding.
Sewn (library hard cover binding)
Notch Bound (glued with hard cover)
Perfect Bound (glued like a Softcover like a novel)
Saddle Stitched (magazine binding with two centerfold staples, paper weight limits 64 to 96 pages)
Wire-O (a double wire loop bound with hard or Softcovers)
Spiral Bound (a single wire loop bound with Softcover)
Plastic coil (spiral bound with plastic insted of wire)
GBC Binding (plastic combs fingers with plastic spine. Costly)
Printer to recommend.

Will you want a book jacket? Yes no
Yes we want a book jacket
No we will not require a book jacket.

How many colors will the jacket print?
Skip this block of questions if you do not want a book jacket.
1 color book jacket
2 colors book jacket
Living color CMYK book jacket with coating
Living color CMYK and embossed book jacket with coating
Living color CMYK plus one foil stamped color book jacket with coating
Living color CMYK plus one foil embossed book jacket with coating
The printer is to recommend the book jacket and coating.

Bleeds, book jacket or sleeve:
Bleeding is printing off the edge of the sheet. Will the Jacket bleed?
YES the jacket (sleeve) will bleed.
NO the jacket (sleeve) will not bleed.

Boxing: How many books do you want in each carton?
6 books per carton
12 books per carton
24 books per carton
36 books per carton
Printer to recommend
Packaging and boxing to be determined at a later date.

What will you provide the printer.

Will you require design services?
Yes, we require design services.
No, we do not require design services.

What will you furnish for copy?
Check all that apply.
Rough design ideas
Final camera ready copy
Final electronic files
Combined hard copy and electronic files
PDF files

Our electronic files were created on a
Macintosh computer
PC computer

Our design software is: Include the version number if you know it.
Adobe, Quark Express, PageMaker, Word, Word Perfect, PhotoShop, Corel, Other brand

Who will provide the color separations or scans?
The Printer will furnish the separations or scans.
We will furnish the separations or scans.

If the order delivers to another location please provide the address?

Will you require mailing services?
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No, we do not require mailing services.

If mailing is required what kind of data base will you provide?

Fulfillment services:
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No, we will not require fulfillment services.

Please describe your fulfillment requirement.

Production time:
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