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In advertising Image is almost everything.   At we help print buyers like yourself find qualified commercial printers. Our subscribing printers have provided printing quotes for Presentation Folders, Pocket Folders, Advertising folders, Convention Folders and Manila tab cut folders since 1993. Custom Folders are one of the best ways to present a concise company image to new and established clients. The printers associated with can print presentation folders in 1-8 colors, on both sides, and pop any part of the image with a UV, Laminate or Aqueous coating. Plus they can foil stamp, blind emboss or foil emboss most presentation folders. To receive a production estimate, for your company folder, advertising pocket folder, convention pocket folder, tabbed folder, glued folder, laminated folder, pocket folders, Real Estate Pocket Folder, Hospital Tabbed Folder or Sales Folder tell us about your project. Fill in the following web form and press submit to receive a production estimate by email from several competing printers. On submission the form is sent to each of our printer subscribers. The firms who can best meet your requirements will contact you in 1-3 days by email, phone or fax.

If you have prepared specifications for the design you can copy your spec sheet into our comments area at the bottom of the form.

This form is very easy to use. It is mostly about making choices and answering simple questions.

This web form has five required contact information fields. They are Name, Email, WPhone, State and Quantity. The information you provide is distributed to the printers who subscribe to this information service. We do not, we will not sell contact information under any circumstances. was established in 1992 by a retired printer to help print buyers just like you find reliable reasonably priced American Printers. We have been under the same management for 16 years and have grown from a single shared web server to many web servers running load balanced pairs. We are not print brokers. You buy direct from the printer who offers the best price or fastest service. Each year people just like yourself submit 5,600 plus printing quote requests which we automatically forward to the printers who subscribe to We are a printing information provider of excellent report.

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General Information:
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The form will not process without a minimum of your Name, Email address, Work Phone, and Quantity to be printed because the printers who subscribe to this service
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Describe the project.

Enter the quantity in this box for each product. Example; 1000, 10,000 etc. This is a required field.

What is the size of the finished size of the folded folder in inches?

What is the size of the open folder in inches?

Will you have one or two pockets? Select number of pockets.
1 pocket
2 pockets
3 pockets

What is the pocket depth in inches?

Pocket position: Depending on the flat size of your folder you can have up to three pockets. Select one.
Bottom, and left
Bottom, and right
Bottom, left and right

Will the pockets glue? Select one. Yes No

Which pockets will glue? Check those that apply.
All pockets will glue.
The side vertical pockets will glue.
The bottom pockets will glue.

How deep will the pockets be?
3 inches
3.5 inches
4 inches
larger than 4 inches

Will one of the pockets have a business card slit? Yes No

Do you want a vertical or horizontal card slit? Vertical slit Horizontal slit

Paper Finish: Select one. Coated paper Uncoated paper

Paper Stock: Brand/Mill/Color/Weight. Describe as best as you are able.

Areas to be printed: Check the areas to be printed.
Front Cover
Back Cover
Inside left
Inside right
Left bottom pocket
Right bottom pocket
Left vertical pocket
Right vertical pocket

PMS ink colors

Process Colors:

Area to be foiled What is the size of the foil area?

Will you or the printer supply the foil die? We will supply the foil die. The printer will supply the foil die.

What part of the folder will be foil stamped?
Front Cover
Back Cover
Inside left
Inside right
Left bottom pocket
Right bottom pocket
Left vertical pocket
Right vertical pocket

What are your foil colors?

Embossing: What area is to be embossed?
Front Cover Back Cover Left bottom pocket Right bottom pocket

Graphics: Will you provide camera ready hard copy or computer files?
Camera ready hard copy Computer files

If the presentation folder prints in Process Four Color will you provide the printer with Composed Negatives (film) and match proofs to their specifications or will the printer prepare Composed Negatives and match proofs from your computer files? Select one.
We will provide the printer composed film and match proofs to their specifications The printer will provide composed film and match proofs to their specifications.

Finishing: Laminating. You can laminate or UV coat or Aqueous cote any coated stock. Select one.
UV Coat
UV Spot Coat
Aqueous Coat
Aqueous Spot Coat

When will the project be ready for the printer?

What is the expected delivery date?

If we have questions, what is the best time to contact you?

Enter the security text you see in the image box to unlock the form. Upper and lower case letters are used.
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