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Using the PVC quote form below Printusa.com provides free production estimates for multi color PVC cards from the American PVC Card Printers who subscribe to this service. PVC Cards are also known as Plastic cards or PVC Plastic Cards. The PVC card Printers associated with printusa.com print or manufacture the following types of PVC cards; bank cards, hotel cards, key cards, calendar cards, club cards, pass cards, frequent shopper cards, PVC business cards, phone cards, restaurant cards, magnetic strip ID cards, smart ID cards, inventory management cards, fulfillment management cards, product ID cards, pre-printed PVC card blanks, Magnetic strip security cards, PVC Calling Cards, PVC Telephone calling cards, PVC Gift Cards, PVC Luggage Cards, Security ID Cards, PVC Convention ID cards, PVC Hotel Key Cards, PVC I.D., PVC insurance cards, Pre paid long-distance phone cards, PVC loyalty cards, PVC mag stripe cards, provide magnetic stripe encoding, PVC medical I.D., membership access control cards, membership cards, microprocessor smart PVC cards, PVC phone cards, PVC photo ID cards, PIN number cards, PVC RFID cards, PVC card printing, prepaid PVC long distance cards, pre-paid phone card, pre-paid phone cards. Remember PVC cards are plastic cards including Plastic restaurant cards, Pvc restaurant cards, scratch off panels, specialty cards, specialty plastic cards, Plastic travel cards, Plastic Parking Tags, Plastic Parking Permits. Plastic is PVC. PVC is plastic.

All PVC cards can be printed in 1 color to 5 or more colors. 4 color PVC card printing is an industry standard throughout the PVC Card printing Industry. Many PVC card printers can encode magnetic strips or sell you the equipment to encode your own PVC cards. If you manage a large fulfillment operation or a large inventory magnetically encoded cards provide tight inventory management and security.

Frequent shopper cards or loyalty cards have become an industry standard. Local grocery, specialty and gift stores can benefit from the use of frequent shopper cards.

Plastic is PVC. PVC is plastic.

To receive a free production estimate for regular or custom PVC cards, from competing printers, submit your contact information and click on the best choices provided below for your PVC card estimate. Upon submission our PVC printers will email their production estimate to you. Only those companies who can best meet your card specifications will contact you. PrintUSA.com has been on the Internet since 1994 helping PVC card buyers like your self receive competitive card bids and estimates. The printers associated with this service are reliable and well established.

PrintUSA.com was established in 1994 by a retired printer to help print all buyers find reliable reasonably priced American Printers. We have been under the same management for 16 years. Each printing quote request is forwarded to the printers who subscribe to PrintUSA.com. We are a printing information provider of excellent report.

Enjoy the service... Use PrintUSA.com as often as needed for competitive quotes on all printed products.


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Standard Colors: White (available in all thicknesses); Hospital Blue, Green, Red, Orange, and Cranberry (available in .024 & .030); Tan, Light Blue and Yellow (available in .030 only); Grey, Pink; Black; Copper, Silver, and Gold (Special colors available on request and available in .030 only.)
white blue green red orange cranberry tan lt blue yellow grey pink copper silver black gold
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Roll-On Mag 300 Oersted
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Hot Stamp Sig Panel
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Luggage Slot
Hospital Hole
Flush Mount Mag Stripe 300 Oersted
Flush Mount Mag Stripe 2750 Oersted (White Only)
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