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Coronavirus/COVID-19: PrintUSA Updates & Frequently Asked Questions

There are varying restrictions in place throughout the world, am I able to order products and expect delivery? 
• PrintUSA's services remain operational and our team remains dedicated to working with our third-party shipping partners to ensure safe and timely order delivery.

What measures are you taking to keep your team members safe?
• The health and safety of all our team members is our top priority. We have local circumstances to consider, and we are taking proactive steps to reduce the risk of transmission to and among team members in each location. We have asked all team members who have the ability to work from home to do so.  We are continually evaluating what additional steps might be appropriate to safeguard our team members’ health and safety.
• For locations where we have team members that must be on site to do their jobs, we have increased cleaning, disinfecting and other health protocols.

Have there been service disruptions to PrintUSA customers?
• We have seen very limited disruption in service to our customers at this time.

Do you anticipate a manufacturing shut down?
• We do not anticipate any of our manufacturing partners will have to shut down at this time. However, it would be irresponsible not to plan for worst case scenarios. As such, we have been making and testing contingency plans for continued operations in the event that one of our numerous manufacturing or Customer Service operations experience challenges. 
• The health and safety of all our team members always remains a top priority. For our manufacturing partners and Customer Service, where the vital work of our team members cannot be performed remotely, we have put in place appropriate measures including increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols, adjusted office protocols to avoid transmission between employees, and the provision of temperature scans to ensure continued health and safety.

What is the impact of a temporary closure of a manufacturing partners and/or customer care service?
• As a business, we have the ability to shift production and customer service staff if this becomes necessary. We have established readiness teams within PrintUSA and have open communication channels with other JFE, Inc. businesses to share our experiences and learnings.

Do you anticipate a disruption in your supply chain?
• Our supply chain remains robust and we have stock of raw materials in place for the months ahead.

Useful Small Business Resources:
• CDC - Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers
• SBA - Disaster Loan Assistance
• Chambers of Commerce - Resources & Guidelines for Business
• World Health Organization - Coronavirus Information Page

Top 5 Ways to Reach & Help Customers

#1 Full-Service Direct Mail


No going to the post office. Save gas, save time. We are completely full service, which means you don’t have to be. Reach customers for less than 20 cents, each time. Not sure how to get started on design? Need help with a design, get started here.

#2 Postcards - For a Personal Touch

Had to cancel or reschedule? Change happens. Send your customers a postcard to keep them posted on changes or simply to remind them you’re here.

Order yours now!

#3 Business Cards - Aren't Just for Contact Info


Create a card to send a quick note or reminder. Let your customers or potential partners know you’ve updated hours, are offering different services or as a friendly reminder that you’re here to help.

Send a business card attached with a personalized letter, as a gift or hand them out!

Build that connection now

#4 Brochures & Flyers - Keep Customers Up-to-date

Provide some direction and help customers understand business changes. Create a brochure or flyer and hand them out to customers, include in their purchase or send out to outline your business, its benefits and that you’re here- ready to get started. There are lots of options.

What are you waiting for? Get started


#5 We’re Open! - Signage to Make an Impact.


You’ve had to adapt. Ensure folks know you’re open! Have a curbside pickup operation, change of hours or need to direct / send customers to a different location? Make sure your signage is simple and seen.

See our signage options and how they fit your needs:


Yard Signs


Retractable Banners

Vinyl Banners

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